Win Signed Sharon Pinsker Original Artwork with The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph are running a national competition to win artist and Film Club director Sharon Pinsker's signed Bolshio Ballet-inspired prints. 

These are a limited edition set signed by Sharon, commissioned for the cover of newly released DVD, The Russian Ballet Collection: Volume I, in partnership with RTR Worldwide. 

These bespoke prints illustrate five classic Russian Ballets in  Sharon's unique figurative style.  Regarded as one of the UK’s foremost figurative artists, Sharon Pinsker is the author of Figure-How to Draw and Paint the Figure with Impact (2008). Sharon's unique style has evolved over many years of working both on illustrated print campaigns and in film and animated commercials. The combination of her elegant calligraphic brushwork and fluid drawing technique has been used to create beautiful images for everything from celebrity portraits to fashion and perfume camapigns, music videos and book covers.

To read the article online, please follow this link - otherwise please click here to see Sharon's Film Club reel.  

Film Club's Nearly Normal Signing...

We're delighted to announce the news that London-based animation and design studio Nearly Normal have joined Film Club for commercial representation.

The team are an international collective of highly skilled crafts-people who beautifully and precisely bring paper-based materials to form and motion. Their vibrant style is uniquely identifiable, and their work carries an inherent charm and magic.

Nearly Normal have previously made commercials for Nokia, Blackberry and the NHS, as well as making a long line of paper-based products (such as calendars and other photographic projects in books and magazines).

Please click here to see their most lovely Film Club reel.

Welcome, Nearly Normal. We're all very excited about working you in the future!

Updates From Caroline Across The Channel

Caroline Attia's summer has been a productive one. Having first received a grant from the New Media arm of the French film board for the animated TV series 'Bottled Pirates', Caroline is also working on another recently funding project from the French film board - this time as the projects visual artist. 

'Bottled Pirates' was first created by Caroline with her collaborator Claire Grimond and the project is now fully produced through Sacrebleu productions based in Paris. Updates in due course!

'Mayo, Ketchup, lait de Soja' - which is a TV adaptation of a book written by Gaia Guasti - has received a concept grant from the innovation fund at the French film board. Caroline has been confirmed as the visual artist to put Guasti's word into pictures. We greatly look forward to seeing how Caroline interprets the story.  

Lastly, a short film that Caroline animated and directed has appeared in its full glory online after a long run on the festival circuit. After only a couple of weeks, 'Pinchaque, the Columbian Tapir' has been Vimeo staff-picked and racked up over 160,000 views.  

To watch the full film through Vimeo, please click here. To see the diversity of Caroline's illustration style directing style, please click here

Images (Clockwise from top left): 'Bottled Pirates', Caroline Attia, Pinchaque, the Columbian Tapir' and 'Mayo, Ketchup, lait de Soja'. 

Film Club's Mew Lab win hat-trick of awards over Halloween weekend

Recent Film Club signing Mew Lab won three awards in as many festivals this Halloween weekend with 'The Key' and 'Lady and the Tooth' continuing their recent festival success. 

Alongside giving a talk and hosting an audience Q&A at the London International Animation Festival held at the Barbican, Mew Lab picked up the audience award for their well-traveled short film 'The Key'. 

Mew Lab Director Shaun Clark also took 1st prize at Cornwall Horror Film Festival with 'Lady and the Tooth' on Friday and won a prize at the Canaltown Spooky Film Festival - held in Honesdale, Pennsylvania - on Saturday.

Both films have their inherent Mew Lab strokes, and we're pleased as Halloween punch both Shaun and Kim are being recognized for their continued work. 

To see their reel through, please click here

Marcus Armitage picks up Best British Film at this years London International Animation Festival

We're delighted to announce the news that Film Club's Marcus Armitage took home Best British film at this years London International Animation Festival with his Royal College of Art graduate short film 'My Dad'. 

The film - which runs at 5'50 - was made using oil pastels on paper and depicts a Dad's influence on an impressionable young boy's life. The relationship gives rise to a toxic mix, resulting in a world that strips away opportunity and experience for the young boy.  

Marcus used the film to graduate from the highly respected graduate school in June, and it is fantastic to see the project already doing so well on the festival circuit. 

Talking about the project, Marcus defines the film as existing 'somewhere between a documentary and fiction. A film created from personal experiences, of my own eye opening journey of moving to London, and the prejudices I see around me in people I know or things that I read see or hear'. 

The top right image shows Marcus collecting the award on stage at the Barbican, with the bottom left image showing one brief moment in the progression of Marcus' fantastic project.

Unfortunately, with the film still on the festival circuit, we're unable to screen the film in its entirety, however to watch a trailer of 'My Dad', please click here for a link to Marcus' Film Club directing reel. 

Congratulations, Marcus - we're all super happy for you at 199, Wardour Street!

Caroline Attia Illustrates Interactive Children's Book 'Where's My Whisper'

Film Clubs Caroline Attia has extended the reach of her lovely illustration and animation work from commercials and films to the interactive world of digital apps. Caroline has penned the artwork for Wheres My Whisper - a childrens book developed exclusively designed for the iPad that makes use of environmental factors, such as the weather and the time. These elements then alter the setting of the story and the way the story is understood, offering a tailored voice to the narrative. The story was written and is narrated by CS Sealey.

Wheres my Whisper has so far had hundreds of downloads and been translated into five languages. Its cold out there and its getting dark early pop over to this link to download yourself a copy for £1.99 from the Apple App Store!

For more of Carolines illustrations and animations, please follow this link

Mew Lab to give LIAF Q&A at Barbican

Film Club's animation directing duo Mew Lab will be appearing at the London International Animation Festival tomorrow (Saturday 1st November) to talk about their short film 'The Key' before an exclusive screening at the Barbican. The event is free to attend and will begin at 10.30.  

To claim your free ticket to the event, please visit the official Barbican website by following this link. Mew Lab will take to the mic at 10.30am. As well as this exclusive screening, their short film 'The Key' is also being screened in the official competition. 

In further news, 'The Key' has also been accepted on the British Council Film Short Support Scheme. This means the Key will appears in the annual online BritFilms Catalogue and, furthermore, it will be featured  in selected preview screenings, touring packages and special event in UK & around the world.

To see the Mew Lab Film Club reel, please follow this link

Great news Shaun and Kim! 

Ross Hogg Nominated for a Scottish BAFTA

Film Club’s very own Ross Hog has been nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for his brilliant short film, 'Spectators'.

Spectator’s observes the crowd of a football match, examining the “social interaction and human behavior, revealing the diversity of characters”. Produced in 2013, this four minute short film featured in several festivals throughout 2013 and 2014 both in United Kingdom as well as other countries around the globe. Through heavy festival appearances, the BAFTA organization has recognized and nominated it for the 2014 Awards Ceremony - which takes place on Sunday November 16th 2014. 

Ross' work often makes use of observational drawings from real events. He captures the energy and atmosphere in the moment and then later, in the studio, refers to his sketchbooks as his source for animation. This retains the same level of energy and expression of the moment and makes for a very honest approach to his film-making. 

To watch the trailer of Spectator’s, and for further works by Ross, please click here

Congratulations, Ross. We’ll be rattling a football spectators clacker for you on the 16th November.  

Chris Shepherd Awarded Filmmaker Grand Prix Award at Sapporo, Japan

Chris Shepherd, Film Club's multi-talented director, has been recognised by the Japanese Sapporo Short Film Festival for his work in the medium over the years. 

The Filmmaker Grand Prix trophy was handed to Chris having won over the jury with The Ringer (2012), Silence is Golden (2007) and Who I Am And What I Want (2005). 

Sapporo Film Festival credited Chris' diverse style that marries live action video with classic animation techniques. The festival - operating since 2006 - was born out of a growing audience demand for high quality short films, which has so far seen over 12,000 films screened to an audience of 40,000 coming from 120 countries. 

Follow Chris' travels through his blog here, or follow this link to watch excerpts of each film.

Well done, sir.

Mew Lab Latest Creative Animation Talent To Join Film Club Roster

Film Club are delighted to announce the signing of the NFTS animation alumni directing duo, Mew Lab.

Mew Lab - otherwise know as Kim Noce & Shaun Clark in the civilian world - arrive at Film Club having had a wealth of consistent festival success , including a BAFTA nomination, and having led several masterclass workshops for world-renowned institutes such as the BBC, Tate Modern, Barbican and The National Portrait Gallery. 

The duo have a distinctive, bold style which has seen their work slot into short films, animated documentaries, horror films and even children's films. They work predominately with 2-d hand drawn illustrations. To see their Film Club reel, please follow this link. 

199, Wardour Street cannot wait to see their work in the commercials world emblazoned with the Film Club logo attached. 

Welcome, Mew Lab!

Marcus Armitage's 'What is Literature For' Chosen as Vimeo Staff Pick

Film Club's newest family member Marcus Armitage has today had his work hand picked by the powers that be at Vimeo.

Marcus's film, 'What is Literature For', visually translates the ideas of Alain de Botton's School of Life book through textured, cut out animations and illustrations.

The film was animated by Marcus and Ignatz Johnson Higham and features the voice of de Botton himself. To see the film in it's Vimeo 'Staff Picks' natural habitat, click here.

As well as overseeing this film, Marcus was also creative director of the entire project, which saw three other films inspired by the School of Life book made by other directors. To view the other films, click here.

Marcus Armitage's New Work for Alain De Bottons 'School of Life'

Using cutout animations to illustrate Alain De Bottons witty 'What is Literature For', Marcus' latest animation went live yesterday, this time breathing visual life into De Bottons 'School of Life'.

Through his witty and literate books -- and his 'New School of Life -- Alain de Botton helps others find fulfillment in the everyday. Why should we spend our time reading novels and poems when, out there, big things are going on? The School of Life explains why we should be reading - and how we can prescribe literature as a cure for life's many ailments. Marcus' film is a perfect visual compliment to Alains witty words.

Marcus had the following to say about the project: 'It been a great experience working with such a fun technique, and I will be continuing to create similar new work alongside my hand drawn style in the near future'. 

Marcus is at Encounters Festival supporting his film 'Over Dinner', which is screening tonight.

To view the film, please click here

Chris Shepherd's Holly Johnson Music Video to Broadcast on BBC One

For those of us with a winning ticket to Saturday night's Lottery might be in for another, equally as enjoyable, Chris Shepherd-inspired surprise. 

A thirty-second clip of Chris' new music video for Holly Johnson's latest single, In And Out Of Love, will air during the National Lottery's Prize Draw on BBC One at 20.20, immediately after Dr. Who. 

Holly will be at hand to introduce the video himself, having been assigned the role of pressing the magic lottery button to start the machine. 

If you aren't planning on staying in - and will in fact be celebrating your £4m jackpot win - you can also watch the music video here

Kiss The Water screening and Q&A for Em Cooper at Berwick Film Festival

On Sunday 21st September Berwick Film Festival are hosting a special screening of Kiss The Water.

Opening with a presentation of clips of my previous animation work, the event will include a short Q&A chaired by Genni Poole of the Berwick Film Society, followed by the film.

Afterwards, there will be an informal discussion held in the bar.

It should be an interesting time and place to discuss Kiss The Water - a film which celebrates Scotland, screening in the northernmost town in England, the weekend after Scotland’s vote for independence…

More information and tickets are available here

Looking forward to seeing you there if you are able to join us,


Chris Shepherd's 'In And Out Of Love' music video for the illustrious Holly Johnson

We're delighted to announce the release of Film Club's Chris Shepherd's new music video for Holly Johnson's latest single 'In And Out Of Love'. To watch Holly performing with other characters in the video, click here

And here's Chris in his own words to talk about the project!

So, Chris what's the promo all about?

"I wanted to use the people getting their photos taken in a photome booth as metaphor for love. When you go into a photome booth you act differently. Its a heightened moment where you have a sneaky kiss, or argument. Its a place where we reveal a lot about ourselves, our hopes, fears and secret dreams. 

It was fun to work within limits. We had the booth as a one shot scenario with 35 actors. Each had their own character and back story. From the hen and stag party to the woman with altezhimers with her carer. All aspects of life and ages are in there. I had a few actors from my previous films in there, like Kay noone, dave Kent and Pricilla adae. So if you know my films keep an eye out. Everyone was amazing. Many many thanks to our casting director Lin Cordoray. Who has cast all of my dramas. 

I absolutely loved shooting the promo. As I always do. I could shoot all day long and all night and have a beamer on my face.  It was a joy to be working with Holly. I can't wait for his new album to be released at the end of the month. 


Director and Writer: Chris Shepherd
Producers: Alex Bedford and Rebecca Gravil
Director of Photography: Sarah Bartles-Smith 
Camera Assistants: Chole Winn and Imogen Woolley 
Studio Manager: James Partridge
Casting Director: Lin Cordoray 

Editor: Miikka Leskinen
Costumes: Kitty Bennett
Props and Art Direction:Kat Pang
Colourist: Danny Atkinson

Marcus Armitage receives 'honourable mention' at the Adobe® Design Achievement Awards!

It's been a great month for Film Club director Marcus Armitage, with two press features and now an 'Honourable Mention' for his film 'Over Dinner' at the Adobe® Design Achievement Awards.

The awards celebrate the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, game developers and computer artists from the world's top institutions of higher education.

This is another outstanding recognition for Marcus and we're all excited to see what will be next for this talented director!

'Kiss the Water' named one of the 'Ten Best Documentaries Of The Year by BBC film critic, Mark Kermode!

BBC film critic Mark Kermode has named Kiss the Water as one of his top 10 documentaries of the year. Kiss the Water, with its' beautiful, hand painted animation by Film Club's Em Cooper was given the number 8 spot, with Kermode praising the film's 'beautiful use of animation.'

Mark Kermode's praises come off the back of several glowing reviews from, Empire Online, The TelegraphFinancial Times and Timeout Magazine. 

Congratulations Em, this is another fantastic review! Click here to see Mark's praise for Kiss the Water and check out the full top 10 list! 

Film Club welcomes new director Marcus Armitage!

Marcus Armitage is the latest director to join Film Club's growing roster of animation talent. Marcus has an expressive animation style that blends drawing, painting and mixed media, a style he mastered at the Royal College of Art.

Armitage considers his films to be 'documentary-fiction', pairing his imagination with personal experiences. Marcus draws a lot of inspiration from his 'eye-opening' move to London and the prejudices he's since witnessed or read about in the papers.

Despite being a young talent, Marcus' work has not gone un-noticed, having recently been featured in Directors Notes, where author El Vez personally flagged his film 'Over Dinner'  to watch first at this years 'Royal College of Art Animation Show and Tell.'

More recently, Marcus has been featured in Grafik, where he shares his inspirations, industry likes and dislikes and even offers an insight into his own animation process.

The team at Film Club are all extremely excited to welcome Marcus on board! Check out his work here.

Marcus' films will also feature at a number of upcoming events including:
  • 'Over Dinner 'at the Smalls festival in Shoreditch and Encounters, both in September
  • 'My Dad' will be screening at Aesthetica film festival in York and the London International Animation Festival

Film Club welcomes I.N.K

The very talented, 'I.N.K' have joined Film Club's illustrious roster of Directors. I.N.K are a particularly mysterious bunch and have offered up the below extract to give us all a peak inside what makes them tick.

'The world is full of experts who seem to have the answer to everything, or a formulae, a new technique or an ‘ism’ to cure all.  We at the Institute simply say, ‘We don’t know’ - a way to approach the Universe in a state of ‘not knowing’ and curiosity.

“To except anything as true means to incur the risk of error. If I limit myself to knowledge that I consider true beyond doubt, I minimise the risk of error but I maximise, at the same time, the risk of missing out on what may be the subtlest, most important and most rewarding things in life. St Thomas Aquinas, following the Aristotle, taught that, ’the slenderest knowledge that may be obtained of the highest things is more desirable than the most certain knowledge obtained of lesser things.’ ‘Slender’ knowledge is here put in opposition to ‘certain’ knowledge, and indicates uncertainty. Maybe it is necessarily so that the higher things cannot be known with the same degree of certainty as the lesser things can be known, in which case it would be a very great loss indeed if knowledge were limited to things beyond possibility of doubt.”

- E.F. Schumacher, 'A Guide For The Perplexed’"

We're certainly left intrigued and are extremely excited to be a part of this mysterious movement.

Film Club's David Anderson's 'Tongue of the Hidden' exhibition screening!

Tongue of the Hidden the short film by Film Club director David Anderson will be screened at the National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania at the travelling exhibition “Typemotion: Type as Image in Motion”, from the 10th of October running through till the 9th of November, 2014.

The film will be screened at the exhibition display, in loop, 6 days per week.

Check out a preview of the short film here.

A busy week for Film Club's Chris Shepherd!

The past week has been an eventful one for Film Club's Chris Shepherd, having presented his work at two festivals back-to-back.

On Thursday night, Chris held a mini retrospective at Edge Hill University's Cake Festival, a week-long animation festival attended by both students and industry professionals.

The following night, Chris presented his film The Ringer at Latitude Festival's film arena. The Latitude Festival is an award-winning festival that showcases the very best in music, film and arts.

If you haven't seen it yet, catch a little glimpse of The Ringer for yourself here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for Chris as he whizzes his way around the film circuit.

Film Club's Will Anderson wins top award at the 2014 Edinburugh International Film Festival!

Photo Copyright: Edinburugh International Film Festival 

Film Club's Will Anderson has won a top prize at the 2014 Edinburugh International Film Festival (EIFF) for his Film, Monkey Love Experiments. Will won the award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Short Film alongside Co-director and Screenwriter, Ainslie Henderson.

Monkey Love Experiments is a beautiful story inspired by love and follows a monkey who believes he is destined for the moon. The festival jurors had this to say of this film: "With fireworks of poetic ideas we have been shown within the deepest loneliness a heart-breaking love story... Being as stylish as it is simple, this animation and an animated hero with wind in his fluffy hair enters straight into the heart and to tears."

Film Club's Sue Loughlin was also at the festival to take part in an animation panel discussion and to present the 25th McLaren Award for Best New British Animation!

All in all it was a fantastic event! Congratulations Will!

Chris Shepherd's Directors Notes

Film Club's Chris Shepherd has given a comprehensive interview to online magazine Directors Notes about his new short film, The Ringer.

With Chris' film currently doing the rounds at International festivals - and with his first festival win at the Courtivore Film Festival only last week - Directors Notes investigated both the film-making process and Chris' insightful approach to film-making in general.

The article is very complimentary about Chris and The Ringer, even calling the film a 'contender for inclusion' for the 'classic' short film category. The magazine continues by describing the film as 'innovative, funny and distinctly British'.

It's always a pleasure to gain greater insight into any great film, and this article is definitely no exception.

What do you think: Has The Ringer persuaded Tom Cruise to sign up to Chris' next project?

To read the interview in full, you can follow the link here.

Film Club's Daniela Sherer's double success

Film Club's Daniela Sherer has won best animated film in her category at this years Stuttgart Festival of Animated film. The short, 'Shirley Temple', has also been officially selected for a handful of other European film festivals in the past few months since Daniela graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Art . 

In Daniela's own words, 'Shirley Temple is an abstract-narrative short about childhood and adulthood, escapism and sexuality'. To watch a glimpse of the film, click here.

We all love the film and are chuffed to bits for Daniela. Long may her festival run continue! 

Daniela has also just released her latest music video which has kindly been chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick and has had a terrific write up in 'It's Nice That'

The track, 'As Luck Would Have It' by Tom Rosenthal, is given a Western-themed video in which It's Nice That describe as an 'audio-visual match made in heaven'. 

Click here for a link to the beautiful video. 

Congratulations, Daniela! 

The Annual SHOOT New Directors Showcase, Special Edition Featuring Film Club's own Em Cooper

SHOOT magazine released detailed coverage of the 12th Annual New Directors Showcase online yesterday.

The showcase, celebrated last Thursday at the DGA Theatre in New york pays tribute to the best up-and-coming talent in the industry, including Film Club's own Em Cooper.

SHOOT debuted their 12th Annual New Directors Showcase reel at the event reception which was followed by a panel discussion moderated by SHOOT publisher and editorial director Roberta Griefer.

Check out Film Club's Em Cooper feature spread in the special edition coverage here.

Film Club's Em Cooper selected for SHOOT Magazine's New Directors Showcase

The talented Em Cooper of Film Club has been selected out of hundreds of entries for SHOOT Magazine's New Directors Showcase. The event spotlights the best up-and-coming directors from all genres and backgrounds.

Already in its 12th year, the showcase is celebrated on May 22nd with a special screening, panel discussion and reception at the DGA Theatre in New York. Em Cooper was selected for her beautiful hand-painted animation style in a series of online spots for Biofinity contact lenses with New York agency TBWA Chiat Day.

This is yet another wonderful honour for Em Cooper who is making headlines at the moment for her animation talent within the BBC documentary feature, Kiss the Water. The documentary feature has received glowing reviews from the likes of The Guardian, Timeout Magazine, The Financial Times and more.

The full profiles of the New Directors Showcase roster and the reel will be available to view on Friday 23rd May here.

Kiss The Water, DVD release and yet more praise

Kiss the Water, with its' beautiful, hand painted animation by Film Club's Em Cooper has received yet another glowing review, this time from CineVue. The review pays particular attention to Coopers animation style, which is described as having an inherent 'compassion and warmth'. Read the complete review here.

The film has also recently been released on DVD, order your copy here.

Will Anderson's Latest Film: 'Big Dunc Loves Finder'

Still from Will Anderson's 'Big Dunc Loves Finder'

Will Anderson brings Big Dunc back to the screen for yet another sharp-witted and distinctive short film.

This time, Big Dunc and his pal discuss the merits of Finder: a new and exciting app for finding new birds. Unfortunately for Big Dunc, the app isn't effective as he makes out.

BAFTA Award Winner, Will Anderson Joins Film Club's Talented Roster of Directors!

Stills from Will Anderson's The Making of Longbird and TV Licensing 'Lethal Injection'

The multi-talented, award-winning director, Will Anderson has joined Film Club! 

Will Anderson, born in the Scottish Highlands is best known for his intelligent and heartfelt, short film The Making of Longbird. The talented filmmaker, created the 15-minute film for his final-year project during his studies at the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art. 

Will has spent the past year touring the festival scene, where The Making of Longbird received a slew of illustrious awards along the way, including the BAFTA for Best Short Animation and Best Animation at the British Academy Scotland Awards.

Will's specialties include, design and character animation for both film and television, working across anything from feature-length documentary films to short animation series for all ages. Will has big plans for his future with Film Club and we're all very excited to be a part of his journey!

Check out the trailer for Making of Longbird below, Will’s impressive portfolio of work can also be viewed here.


Film Club Signs Director Daniela Sherer

A big welcome to Daniela Sherer who has recently joined Film Club's talented roster of directors!

2013 Royal College of Art graduate, Daniela Shererʼs award winning films have been screened in many international festivals, including Annecy, Zagreb, Hiroshima, Clermont-Ferrand, and others.

Daniela's most recent film “The Shirley Temple” has recently won the student film Grand Prix at the 2014 Angers Film Festival, and Sherer was also a finalist at the 2014 British Animation Awards.

In addition to her own personal work, Daniela has illustrated a novel and has worked on a variety of animation projects that range from visual, music shorts and commissioned films, to animated sequences for documentary features.

Daniela's technique is 2D, hand-drawn, digital animation that uses minimal colour and geometric shapes alongside a strong narrative. Daniela focuses on the "movement and atmosphere" when preparing to tell a story, then mixes in abstract elements to create a "unique storytelling vibe".

To get a taste of Daniela's work, check out her film 'He Was a Sweet Man' below.

Film Club's Director Em Cooper Evokes Total Comfort with Stunning Animations for CooperVision® Biofinity® Contact Lenses

In four, new, 15-second online spots for CooperVision® Biofinity® contact lenses, director and animator Em Cooper of Film Club uses her evocative oil paint animation style to create a series of languid, dream-like animations meant to convey the supreme comfort of Biofinity contact lenses. Working with agency TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York, the Biofinity spots will be displayed in doctor’s offices and officially launched online on (March 17).

Check out the spot and credits below. If you’d like more information about the Biofinity spots and Film Club’s role in their creation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Director: Em Cooper
Designer : Em Cooper
Animation: Em Cooper, Sharon Lui
Producer : Sue Loughlin, Andrea Torres
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day - New York

Creative Director: Jeff Williamson
Art Director: Christian Loos
Global Creative Director: James Cheung

Producer: Dan Bradbury
Account Supervisor: Jenai Domingo
Account Director: Bennet Kim

Sound Engineer: Rob McIver
Company: Sonic Union
Music Company: APM

Film Club signs Parisian director Caroline Attia

Film Club are excited to announce that Caroline Attia will be joining their diverse and creative animation team!

Caroline's unique 2D character animation and skilful storytelling mixes dynamic animation with subtle, balanced colour, great line work and beautiful illustrative design.

Caroline Attia received her degree from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) in Paris, and has since been working as an animation director and filmmaker, directing, designing and animating TV commercials, music videos and commissioned films.

Caroline has designed and directed commercials, music videos and TV idents for clients including Martin I William, Euro RSCG, HC-BCN, MTV, TG4. She has won many awards for her film work including an Annie Award in 2009 for  'End Gun Violence.' ‘Elevator Operator’ won the Best Music Video Award at the Istanbul Animation Festival in 2012, and ‘Pinchaque’ won Best Animation Award at Festiver (Colombia) in 2011.

Check out Caroline's work here.

Film Club's third spot for Burt's Bees is unveiled

Film Club has released a third Instagram spot for Burt's Bees today. In the spot, Film Club's Hayley Morris uses stop motion and watercolour animation to bring to life a second 'Lip Tip' from celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno.

The spot was posted to Burt's Bees followers on Instagram today and is the third in a series of beautiful spots Film Club has produced for Burt's Bees. Click here to watch the spot.

Th1ng/ Film Club
Director: Hayley Morris
Executive Producer: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Andrea Torres

Agency: Baldwin&
Producer: Liz Stovall
ECD: David Baldwin
CD: Bob Ranew
Creatives: Kellyn McGarity, Chad Temples
Account Service: Katharine Belloir
Project Manager: Tonya Martin

Film Club unveil a second spot for Burt's Bees

After unveiling their first ‘Valentine’s Day’ spot for Burt’s Bees, Film Club have created a second spot entitled “Grape Exfoliation.”

The spot brings to life a beauty lip tip, shared by celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno. Using stop motion and watercolour animation, directed by Hayley Morris, Katey Denno and Burt’s Bees show us how to ‘naturally’ exfoliate our lips using a cut grape… the perfect preparation tip to use before applying anything from the Burt’s Bees line.

The spot was published Friday on Instagram. Click here to watch it and credits below.


Th1ng/ Film Club
Director: Hayley Morris
Executive Producer: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Andrea Torres

Agency: Baldwin&
Producer: Liz Stovall
ECD: David Baldwin
CD: Bob Ranew
Creatives: Kellyn McGarity, Chad Temples
Account Service: Katharine Belloir
Project Manager: Tonya Martin

Film Club's Press Round-up for Burt's Bees 'Pop of Colour' Spot

Since its' release last Thursday, Film Club's Instagram and YouTube spot for Burt's Bees has been warmly received by a number of online publications.

The stop motion and high-speed photography spot directed by Film Club's Hayley Morris was made using a fabricated 3D model of the Burt's Bee mascot. The spot was perfectly themed for its' Valentines Day release with glitter, confetti hearts and flower petals.

Watch the spot here.

We've rounded up the latest press mentions for this Valentine's Day spot below:




Film Club “POPs” for Burt’s Bees this Valentines day

Following up on the most romantic day of the year, th1ng's Film Club director Hayley Morris has created a stop motion spot for Burt’s Bees.

The 15-second spot, entitled 'Pop of Color', is due to appear this Valentine’s Day on Instagram and YouTube.

Using stop motion and high-speed photography, Hayley fabricated a paper 3D model of the Burt’s Bees “Bee” – which “POPs” a pink heart shaped balloon. The balloon, which explodes into a range of Burt’s Bees products, glitter and real flowers and petals, all land to form the words: “Give your lips, a natural pop of color, this Valentine’s Day.”

Click here to watch it and credits below.


Th1ng/ Film Club
Director: Hayley Morris
Executive Producer: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Andrea Torres

Producer: Liz Stovall
ECD: David Baldwin
CD: Bob Ranew
Creatives: Kellyn McGarity, Chad Temples
Account Service: Katharine Belloir
Project Manager: Tonya Martin

Em Cooper's Kiss The Water Featured in 'Communication Arts'

Film Club's Em Cooper has received a glowing review from Communication Arts for her hand painted animation in Kiss The Water, the documentary feature recently on UK theatrical release

The article cites Em's animation as "sequences that look like classical art in motion" and that her "expressive brush strokes and a mix of muted and vibrant colours" perfectly convey the film's mood.

You can read the full Communications Art article here. 

'Babeldom' Named Guardian's Top 10 Future Cities In Film

The Guardian have named Babeldom; made by Film Club director Paul Bush, as a 'top 10 future city in film'. Paul Bush was mentioned alongside film greats like, Steven Spielberg (Minority Report), Woody Allen (Sleeper) and Ridley Scott (Blade Runner). 

Babeldom was also named as one of Sight & Sound's Top 5 Films from 2013 and received a great review in The Guardian after its' theatrical release last year. 

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Kiss The Water: Press Roundup

Since its' premiere screening last Friday, Kiss The Water has packed out ICA theatres. To meet audience demand, the documentary has since been upgraded to a larger theatre for the upcoming weekend and will run over an extended period.

Over the past few weeks Kiss The Water has received a number of glowing reviews, with our own Em Cooper's oil painting animation described as 'exquisite'.

We've rounded up the best Kiss The Water reviews below:

"Gorgeous animation sequences, in Munch-like swirls of colour..." - The Financial Times

"Boasting exquisite animation..." - Empire Online

"...painted animations of water and women, flies and fish, go dancing across the screen..." - The Telegraph

"Definitely not your standard doc, this is something special ... a captivating journey through a landscape of mystery and imagination." - Timeout Magazine

"With its lyrical blend of atmospheric Highland footage and expressionist animation, this is much more than a documentary…" - The Observer

"“… featuring animated sequences that exude the vidid colours and energy of a Howard Hodgkin painting…”  - Sight & Sound Magazine.

UK Premiere Screening For Kiss The Water

Film Club director Em Cooper's documentary Kiss the Water will have its' UK premiere screening at the ICA London this Friday. Em Cooper directed the beautiful, oil painted animation for the documentary feature.

Kiss the Water has already been featured in a number of publications including Tuesday's Timeout Magazine, where the film was described as "something special". To read the full review of Kiss the Water in Timeout, click here.

Kiss The Water will also be reviewed on tonight's Front Row at 7.15pm on Radio 6.