Win Signed Sharon Pinsker Original Artwork with The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph are running a national competition to win artist and Film Club director Sharon Pinsker's signed Bolshio Ballet-inspired prints. 

These are a limited edition set signed by Sharon, commissioned for the cover of newly released DVD, The Russian Ballet Collection: Volume I, in partnership with RTR Worldwide. 

These bespoke prints illustrate five classic Russian Ballets in  Sharon's unique figurative style.  Regarded as one of the UK’s foremost figurative artists, Sharon Pinsker is the author of Figure-How to Draw and Paint the Figure with Impact (2008). Sharon's unique style has evolved over many years of working both on illustrated print campaigns and in film and animated commercials. The combination of her elegant calligraphic brushwork and fluid drawing technique has been used to create beautiful images for everything from celebrity portraits to fashion and perfume camapigns, music videos and book covers.

To read the article online, please follow this link - otherwise please click here to see Sharon's Film Club reel.