David Anderson (I.N.K) 1952-2015

Tributes and notices of respect for David Anderson are beginning to appear in the animation world press, with Edinburgh International Film Festival, Animation World Network and Sqwigly paying their tributes to his great work. 

In recent months, David had adopted the I.N.K pseudonym (Institute of Not Knowing): a name that approaches the Universe with an innocent state of curiosity. We will greatly miss David, and his brilliant work - but to watch David's work again (or for the first time), head over to his website or his Film Club reel to explore further the timeless qualities in all of his films that make them truly unique.

David Alexander Anderson July 1952 - May 2015

It has been an honour to represent such a talented artist. We raise a glass to YOU David, an inspiration to many people, a talented artist, and film maker and a lovely person. We will miss you, Journey on, my friend....... 

'From the Ashes' Directed by David Anderson - Song by Kate Pollak                         Click images to play links.

             Motion Control                                   Tongue Of The Hidden                        Deadsy

             3i Capital City                                                Door                                                           Dreamland Express

              Shadows                                                      Hosanna Of Small Mercies                          Anti Drink Drive