Jo Lawrence joins Film Club

Jo mixes stop motion, puppets, paper cutouts and After Effects to create a visual creative feast. Film Club is delighted to welcome Jo to its directors roster.

Click here to view her profile on the Film Club website. 

EM COOPER at Sundance

Em is at Sundance this week with her Sierra Leone film 30%

The Artist as Indie Film Darling? 10 Films About Creativity at Sundance 2013
by Sara Roffino writing for BLOUIN ARTINFO
Published: January 25, 2013

Art-lovers among the filmmakers and fans gathered in the snowy Utah mountains for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival have a plethora of art-related viewing options this week. ARTINFO presents the 10 selections we are most excited about at Sundance this year……..

While not about art, the use of oil-painted animation combined with documentary footage to tell the stories of three women working to change gender inequities in post-conflict Sierra Leone is possibly the most creatively produced film in the festival this year. 

Paul Bush wins Special Golden Dinosaur Award at Etiuda & Anima Festival

The Special Golden Dinosaur Prize for an outstanding animation artist has been awarded to Film Club director Paul Bush.

‘Paul is a legend of British animation, an artist with an enchanting technique who creates intriguing works. Bush often reinterprets classical literary works (such as Dante’s Divine Comedy) and art (e.g. Giorgio Morandi’s plates), taking inspiration from various branches of science. His latest work, Babeldom (2011) is a result of such inspiration.

Bush is a pioneer of a technique of scratching frame by frame directly into the surface of colour filmstock over live action footage (seen e.g. in The Albatross, 1998). This technique resembles traditional wood engraving and gives the artist the opportunity to focus on the material (in this case –  film stock). Bush also uses stop motion animation techniques, which can be seen in his film Furniture Poetry.’

Pauls latest feature animation Babledom  and his latest short animation Lay Bare have been extensively screened during 2012 at  28 International festivals including, Ontario, Montreal, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Holland and Annecy. Babledom will be screened next month at the ICA