Marcus Armitage receives 'honourable mention' at the Adobe® Design Achievement Awards!

It's been a great month for Film Club director Marcus Armitage, with two press features and now an 'Honourable Mention' for his film 'Over Dinner' at the Adobe® Design Achievement Awards.

The awards celebrate the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, game developers and computer artists from the world's top institutions of higher education.

This is another outstanding recognition for Marcus and we're all excited to see what will be next for this talented director!

'Kiss the Water' named one of the 'Ten Best Documentaries Of The Year by BBC film critic, Mark Kermode!

BBC film critic Mark Kermode has named Kiss the Water as one of his top 10 documentaries of the year. Kiss the Water, with its' beautiful, hand painted animation by Film Club's Em Cooper was given the number 8 spot, with Kermode praising the film's 'beautiful use of animation.'

Mark Kermode's praises come off the back of several glowing reviews from, Empire Online, The TelegraphFinancial Times and Timeout Magazine. 

Congratulations Em, this is another fantastic review! Click here to see Mark's praise for Kiss the Water and check out the full top 10 list! 

Film Club welcomes new director Marcus Armitage!

Marcus Armitage is the latest director to join Film Club's growing roster of animation talent. Marcus has an expressive animation style that blends drawing, painting and mixed media, a style he mastered at the Royal College of Art.

Armitage considers his films to be 'documentary-fiction', pairing his imagination with personal experiences. Marcus draws a lot of inspiration from his 'eye-opening' move to London and the prejudices he's since witnessed or read about in the papers.

Despite being a young talent, Marcus' work has not gone un-noticed, having recently been featured in Directors Notes, where author El Vez personally flagged his film 'Over Dinner'  to watch first at this years 'Royal College of Art Animation Show and Tell.'

More recently, Marcus has been featured in Grafik, where he shares his inspirations, industry likes and dislikes and even offers an insight into his own animation process.

The team at Film Club are all extremely excited to welcome Marcus on board! Check out his work here.

Marcus' films will also feature at a number of upcoming events including:
  • 'Over Dinner 'at the Smalls festival in Shoreditch and Encounters, both in September
  • 'My Dad' will be screening at Aesthetica film festival in York and the London International Animation Festival

Film Club welcomes I.N.K

The very talented, 'I.N.K' have joined Film Club's illustrious roster of Directors. I.N.K are a particularly mysterious bunch and have offered up the below extract to give us all a peak inside what makes them tick.

'The world is full of experts who seem to have the answer to everything, or a formulae, a new technique or an ‘ism’ to cure all.  We at the Institute simply say, ‘We don’t know’ - a way to approach the Universe in a state of ‘not knowing’ and curiosity.

“To except anything as true means to incur the risk of error. If I limit myself to knowledge that I consider true beyond doubt, I minimise the risk of error but I maximise, at the same time, the risk of missing out on what may be the subtlest, most important and most rewarding things in life. St Thomas Aquinas, following the Aristotle, taught that, ’the slenderest knowledge that may be obtained of the highest things is more desirable than the most certain knowledge obtained of lesser things.’ ‘Slender’ knowledge is here put in opposition to ‘certain’ knowledge, and indicates uncertainty. Maybe it is necessarily so that the higher things cannot be known with the same degree of certainty as the lesser things can be known, in which case it would be a very great loss indeed if knowledge were limited to things beyond possibility of doubt.”

- E.F. Schumacher, 'A Guide For The Perplexed’"

We're certainly left intrigued and are extremely excited to be a part of this mysterious movement.

Film Club's David Anderson's 'Tongue of the Hidden' exhibition screening!

Tongue of the Hidden the short film by Film Club director David Anderson will be screened at the National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania at the travelling exhibition “Typemotion: Type as Image in Motion”, from the 10th of October running through till the 9th of November, 2014.

The film will be screened at the exhibition display, in loop, 6 days per week.

Check out a preview of the short film here.