Hayley Morris, Vimeo Staff Pick and Promo News

Hayley Morris' stop motion music video for Iron and Wine's track 'Joy' has continued to recieve great responses since release. The music video was recently chosen as Vimeo Staff Pick and last week posted up on Promo News!

Nice work Hayley, click through the image to watch the music video.

Tom Jobbins screening at BUG 37

Music Video 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' by Hiatus & Shura directed, designed and animated by Film Club director Tom Jobbins is being screened tomorrow night, Thursday 23rd May at sold out event, BUG 37 at the BFI, Southbank, the screening is at 8.45 PM.

The music video was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick. Click through to watch on Vimeo. 

Toms short film 'My Face Is In Space' was a Vimeo Staff Pick last week AND was selected as Short Of The Week....GOOD WORK TOM! Click through to watch on Vimeo. 

Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video featured on Dragonframe

Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video for Iron and Wine's track "Joy" has become a great success, being featured on highly respectable websites, such as, Motionographer.

She has now been interviewed and featured on the blog for the industries stop-motion software, Dragon.

Below is the music video, full feature from Dragonframe, and the making of.  

The music video

The making of

Film Club in New York

The Film Club team are back home in London, still a bit jet lagged from our New York trip. It was great to have our New York office as a base too. We are all very excited about the fantastic reception at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere screening of ' Kiss The Water', the documentary feature film which includes 10 minutes of beautiful oil paint animation by Film Club director Em Cooper.

We had a great time in New York and hope to be visiting our New York th1ng group office more often.

Heres a few of our favourite pictures.

LEFT: Manhattan from Williamsburgh Bridge
RIGHT: Manhattan from Hotel room window at 4am 
LEFT: Empire State from roof top of  230 5th Avenue
LEFT: Em Cooper presents Kiss The Water, director Eric Steel and producer Kate Swan with stills from animation of the film.
RIGHT: Kiss The Water team after the Premiere. (From Left) Kate Swan- Producer, Sabine Krayenbeul- Editor,
Em Cooper - Animation Director (Film Club), Eric Steel - Director, Sue Loughlin - Animation Producer (Film Club) 

LEFT: After Kiss The Water screening
(From Left) Sue Loughlin - Film Club. Em Cooper - Film Club, Carolyn Hill  - From Carolyn Reps (Film Club New York sales rep)
RIGHT: After dinner outside 'Lucien' on 1st Avenue
(From Left) Sue Loughlin, Hayley Morris - Film Club director, Amanda Rosengurgh - From Carolyn Reps,
Andrea Torres - From th1ng New York