Paul Bush feature Babeldom in Sight & Sound round up of best films of 2013

The editors of Sight & Sound have each selected their 5 Top Films from 2013. 

Isabel Stevens, Sight & Sound Production Editor has selected Babeldom the animated feature by Film Club director Paul Bush as one of her top 5.

Click image for an excerpt
Click here for the full article, and other chosen films. 

Em Cooper's Collaborative Film 30% Gets Vimeo Staff Pick

Film Club director Em Cooper has collaborated with artist Anna Cady and radio journalist Jenny Cuffe to make 30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone), which was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick today.

In the film three passionate women tell stories of kidnap, corruption and secret societies as they fight to improve the position of women in politics in Sierra Leone. Oil painted animation and live action present issues of gender and politics as compelling and thought provoking viewing.

Em and Anna will be speaking about the film at the London Feminist Film Festival tonight.  30% was also part of the official selection at Sundance Film Festival 2013.

Chambord Advert Showing in Cinemas Now

If you're planning a trip to the cinema look out for the Chambord advert, a collaboartion between Film Club's Sharon Pinsker and Th1ng's Shay Hamias!

The advert is currently showing before 'Gravity', 'Last Vegas', 'Don Jon' and 'The Counselor' and various new releases up until February 2014.

You can also watch below:

Hayley Morris Wins Bronze for Best Animated Music Video at LIAs

Congratulations to Film Club director Hayley Morris for winning Bronze place at the London International Awards for her stunning stop motion animation music video for Iron & Wine's 'Joy'!

Have a look at the winners list here.

Tom Jobbins Wins UK Music Video Award!

Tom Jobbins won 'Best Animation in a Video' at the UK Music Video Awards last night, seeing off some fierce competition!

The award winning video follows an epic love story told by colourful triangles, for Hiatus ft Shura's track 'We Can Be Ghosts Now'.

Alongside winning an official award, Tom also showed the UK MVAs a thing or two on the dance floor in celebration.

Congratulations Tom!

'Dream The Dare' by Hayley Morris on Vimeo Staff Pick, 1.4 and the Creators Project

'Dream The Dare', Hayley Morris' latest music video for Pure Bathing Culture has been chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick, featured on 1.4's monthly roundup of 'Six of the best creative music videos' and featured on the Creators Project's blog.

Joining Hayley's work on 1.4's monthly roundup is James Partridge's latest music video for Dan Croll's 'Home', produced by Film Club sister company Th2ng.  Click here to watch 'Home'.

Great to see the video featured across so many sites!  Click the links below for the respective sites.

Vimeo Staff Pick

1.4 'Six of the best creative music videos'

The Creators Project

Children's Museum of the Arts: Animators Speak With Hayley Morris

The Children's Museum of the Arts have interviewed Hayley Morris for their series 'Animators Speak'.  A young animator went to Hayley's studio and quizzed her on her work, methods and tips for upcoming animators.

Watch the interview below:

Hayley Morris & Pure Bathing Culture Interviews in Redefine Mag

Redefine Mag have done a fantastic feature on Hayley Morris and her video for Pure Bathing Culture's 'Dream The Dare'.

The article contains insightful interviews with both Hayley Morris and Pure Bathing Culture on their collaboration, the imagery used, influences such as Inuit design, and the creative process of making the video.

Read the full article here.

Hayley Morris Music Video for Pure Bathing Culture's 'Dream the Dare'

Hayley Morris has created a moving hand-drawn 3D stop motion animation for Portland based Pure Bathing Culture's new single 'Dream the Dare'.  The video premiered on Gorrila vs. Bear music blog alongside some insight from Hayley into the concept and production process.  Click here for the full article or check out the video below.

Tom Jobbins Nominated for 'Best Animation in a Video' at the UK Music Video Awards 13

We're very happy to announce that Film Club director Tom Jobbins' fantastic video for Hiatus ft Shura's track 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' , has been nominated for 'Best Animation in a Video' at the UK Music Video Awards 13.

You can check out the full shortlist for UK MVAs here.  Fingers crossed!

Craftsman Tom's Master Jobbins

Congratulations to our director Tom Jobbins on the birth of his ( and Film Clubs ) first baby.

Weighing in at 7lb 11oz on 24th August.

We are all delighted for Tom and his wife Nadia on the birth of their son Ted.

Hayley Morris Featured on PBS - Off Book Special Feature on Stop Motion Animation

Film Club director Hayley Morris has featured on the latest PBS - Off Book feature on Stop Motion animation.  Hayley joins 3 other stop motion animators to celebrate the art of stop motion.

Click here to watch the feature.

Film of the week: Draw the Line by WWF UK -

WWF UK has produced a film that puts the spotlight on Virunga, Africa's oldest national park that is being exploited for its oil.

WWF UK has created a musical and artistic film about Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park. Containing rainforests, volcanoes and rare wildlife, the park is a World Heritage Site but oil companies are beginning to take an interest in the oil reserves below it.

The video starts with a collage of the different animals and environments inside the park. The video is soon darkened by black fingerprints, signalling humankind’s search for oil in the area which will endanger the animals. However, there is light again, as the video illustrates how the public and WWF UK have helped ‘draw the line’, abolishing the dark fingerprints. Signatures cover the screen of those who've put their names to the campaign. The video's melody, however, continues until the end, showing that the park is still in danger of being exploited.

Click here for the original article. Article: WWF Animates Dangers Of Oil Exploration In African National Park

Matthew Chapman at recently wrote the following article on Belle Mellor's WWF Virunga animation:

A stylised animation draws the viewer into the natural and beautiful ecosystem of Virunga National Park to build support against the area potentially becoming an oil field.

Africa’s oldest national park has more species of mammals, reptiles and birds than any other protected African area, but is currently being explored for oil.

Signatures breaking through the impending threat at the end of the film imply signing a petition could kill off the threat of further oil exploration.

Brand: WWF

Client: Greg Armfield, content production manager at WWF UK

Agency: Film Club

Creative: Belle Mellor

Click here for the original article.

Belle Mellor Film For WWF

Film Club helps WWF draw the line on oil exploration in Virunga National Park with evocative new animation from our director Belle Mellor.

Every signature added to the pledge helps build support for the campaign to protect Virunga National Park. For more information on how you can take part click here

LBB Feature On 'New Talent' Hayley Morris

LBB have done a great a piece on one of our directors, Hayley Morris, which you can check out below:

New Talent: Hayley Morris
Stop frame animation director at Film Club Productions

After a childhood watching visually compelling movies, such as La Belle et la BĂȘte and Metropolis, it’s not surprising that Hayley Morris became a director and, more specifically, one that revels in the complexities of stop motion animation. Now working out of her studio in Brooklyn, NYC, she creates mind-bogglingly beautiful films with anything she can lay her hands on – whether that be paper, clay or random objects from the local flea markets. LBB's Addison Capper discovered what inspires Morris and her work and why she so loves experimenting with stop-motion animation.

LBB> Where did you grow up and what kind of child were you?

HM> About an hour north of NYC. It was a great place to grow up because you could jump on a train and be in a giant city, and then jump back on, and be surrounded by nature again. I was a very imaginative and curious child. I loved to draw, paint and sculpt, but my favourite thing of all, was to dress up in crazy costumes and paint my face. I loved transforming into different characters and imagining myself in different worlds.

LBB> How did you get into filmmaking and why were you drawn to it?

HM> When growing up my mother liked showing me films that she'd grown up with. I was introduced to films that used really creative, hand-made, visual techniques, such as Metropolis, La Belle et la BĂȘte, Jason and the Argonauts and so on. All of these films transported you into magical and highly stylized worlds where the impossible became a reality.

I began experimenting with animation as a teenager and then decided to major in Film and Animation at the Rhode Island School of Design. Originally I thought I would pursue illustration, but I felt the medium was too limiting. I really wanted to tell my stories by being able to combine everything into one. That's why I’m so drawn to stop-motion animation. You can combine forms of all art into animation to create fantastical world. Be it through drawing, painting, sculpture, textile, lighting and sound. Since I use very minimal digital effects and nearly everything is done in camera, each project becomes a puzzle. I really enjoy figuring out how to make what's in my mind into a reality.

LBB> How would you define your style of directing?

HM> It's difficult to say what my style is because I think it’s constantly changing. I think all of my work has similar qualities that bleed into every project. For instance, I like playing with texture, pattern and colour, but it's really important to me that each project has a new challenge. I tend to experiment a lot before diving into production.

LBB> You work with stop frame animation and paper cut outs a lot - why are they techniques you enjoy exploring? Does working that way throw up any problems?

HM> I like exploring and experimenting with stop-motion animation because you can make absolutely anything happen. If I wanted a bird to transform into a house and then open up and turn into a cloud... I could! Once I have an idea I then have to sit down and figure out how to actually make it work and what materials I can use to create the scene. I love stop-motion because it is a tactile medium. I can create everything out of paper or clay, or go to a flea market and find a bunch of random objects and re-imagine and re-purpose them into something else. It's just a lot of fun and allows me to be playful.

At the moment I love using paper because there are so many varieties of colour, pattern, and texture. From a single sheet of paper you can cut, fold or sculpt something figurative, graphic, abstract or into any style that you like. It's a very versatile material.

I wouldn't say working in stop-motion throws up any problems. I guess the process is an inherently slow and tedious one. You need a lot of patience.

LBB> I really love the colouring in your video for Iron and Wine 'Joy' - the whole thing is beautiful. Can you talk us through the processes involved and the narrative behind it?

HM> I have loved Iron and Wine - also known as Sam Beam - since his first album The Creek Drank The Cradle. Creating a music video to his music was a dream project. He was so fantastic to work with and gave me complete freedom; he allowed me to let my ideas run wild and make his song into a visual world.

When brainstorming for possible narratives and visual interpretations of the song I was drawn to a particular lyric. “Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess, I’m only calm when I get lost within your wilderness.” This is what sparked my concept.

Joy is a song about love and taking a moment to realize how someone can vastly change how you perceive yourself and the world around you. My goal for this video was to make the viewer feel this sense of joy, discovery, and appreciation, by following the organic flow of the song. As the landscape changes through bursts of colour, growth and transformation... Through his eyes we see the changes to Sam's world, by catching glimpses of her within the different plants, rocks, trees and objects that occupy him and the scenery. In the end we see that he is full of colour and vibrancy.

The video is a mixed media piece. It’s composed of a blend of rotoscope watercolour animations and stop-motion. I handmade every piece in the landscape from found objects, paper, clay and various materials, and then projected her image into the set pieces.

LBB> Which pieces of work are you most proud of and why?

HM> I am most proud of ‘Undone’. It’s a very personal short film inspired by my grandfather and Alzheimer's disease. It's one of the first films I made. Creating that film really solidified that animation and, specifically, stop-motion was what I wanted to do with my life.

LBB> Aside from filmmaking, what do you get up to?

HM> Aside from filmmaking I love to travel. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling and seeing new places. If I could, I would live in a new city or place every few months. Living in NYC offers such a diverse amount of activities, so I like going to museums, concerts, cooking with friends, drawing, teaching animation here and there and I am learning French.

Sharon Pinsker for Chambord

After the success of the Chambord TV sponsorship ident for the E4 series Revenge directed by Film Club's Sharon Pinsker in her elegant illustrative style, Sharon was asked to direct and design the new TV ad, now airing. 

Click below to see the commercial.

Under The Sea : A Film About Hayley Morris

Danny Gregory, New York based illustrator, author and ad agency creative has made a short film about our director Hayley Morris as part of his 'Sketchbook Films' series;

This Sketchbook film is about Hayley Morris, award winning stop-motion animator, capturing her creative process as she makes drawings and critters for her latest film 'Bounce Bounce' music video for
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka.

Hayley Morris Exhibits at Honolulu Museum of Art

Hayley Morris, Film Club's New York based director whose work is a delicate, textural feast of stop motion and paper sculpture is exhibiting work from her recent music video for Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - 'Bounce Bounce'.

Hayley's work is featured as part of the museums 'Now Hear This' exhibition which explores the relationship between music and art through the medium of the music video.

The exhibition runs from June 18th through to August 11th.

To see Hayleys work click this link.

To watch the music video click below

Kiss The Water reviewed in The Observer

Kiss The Water, the documentary feature directed by Eric Steel which includes 10 minutes of animation by Film Club's Em Cooper was reviewed in the Observer yesterday in the run up to its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Click here to see a clip of Em's fantastic oil paint animation
The full review from Jason Solomons, the Observer Sunday June 16th

Fishing for film gold

The Edinburgh international film festival starts this week, casting its net wide with Korean films and American indies. But this 67th edition might be remembered for a very local tale and one of the unlikeliest documentaries that's ever hooked me. It's called Kiss the Water: A Love Story, a portrait of an eccentric, almost hermit-like woman called Megan Boyd who became the world's foremost maker of salmon flies. Seriously. Prince Charles was one of her loyal clients, even delivering her OBE to her cottage because Boyd couldn't be bothered with the fuss of going to the palace to accept it from the Queen.

The film is by American doc maker Eric Steel, whose last film, The Bridge, was about suicides off the Golden Gate bridge. This is a calmer, less controversial affair, though equally contemplative, it seems to me, still questioning why people make certain life choices. Boyd's devotion to creating little bits of bait from silk, thread and feathers of toucans, parrots and ibis is indeed baffling, and Steel probes her life with testimonies from those who knew her, and using striking impressionistic animations by British illustrator Em Cooper. The natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands and a vanishing way of life also plays a major part. Steel first heard of Boyd when he read her obituary in the New York Times in 2001. When I call him at his isolated beach house off Montauk, he tells me he's just finished reading that day's obits and is staring at the sea. "People die everyday," he says. "I read them for inspiration but for some reason Megan's was one I clipped out and stuck in on the wall and stared at it for many years, every day. I don't know why. I don't eat salmon, I'd never fished, never been to Scotland. I guess it was the mystery that reeled me in." Kissing the Water premieres at EIFF next Sunday, in the presence of several of the ghillies who appear in the film. "They read the river," Steel says, "and it's like reading the mysteries of life. They're the keepers of some kind of magic, so it will be an honour to be in Edinburgh with them."

Kiss The Water UK premier at Edinburgh film festival

Kiss The Water with animated sections by Film Club director Em Cooper has its UK premier at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Sunday 23rd June.

The feature documentary directed by Eric Steel features 10 minutes of Ems beautiful oil paint animation which had its world premier at the Tribecca Film Festival in April to an audience which also included Ralph Lauren and jerry Seinfeld who described the film as "a combination of being in a dream and eating dessert".

Click Image To Play

The film is described as A rich documentary inspired by the life and work of Megan Boyd, a legendary Scottish maker of salmon flies. Filled with tributes and recollections from those who knew this solitary and enigmatic woman, this elegiac film draws further inspiration from the colours and textures of Boyd’s handmade, featheradorned flies. The film also takes off into flights of expressive fantasy, courtesy of Em Cooper’s oil-painted animation. An impressionistic tribute to a master of the art of making fishing flies.

It will be screened on 23 June, 17:30 at Cineworld 11 and 25 June, 18:15 at Cineworld 8

For tickets go to

Click here to watch an excerpt from the film.

Hayley Morris, Vimeo Staff Pick and Promo News

Hayley Morris' stop motion music video for Iron and Wine's track 'Joy' has continued to recieve great responses since release. The music video was recently chosen as Vimeo Staff Pick and last week posted up on Promo News!

Nice work Hayley, click through the image to watch the music video.

Tom Jobbins screening at BUG 37

Music Video 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' by Hiatus & Shura directed, designed and animated by Film Club director Tom Jobbins is being screened tomorrow night, Thursday 23rd May at sold out event, BUG 37 at the BFI, Southbank, the screening is at 8.45 PM.

The music video was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick. Click through to watch on Vimeo. 

Toms short film 'My Face Is In Space' was a Vimeo Staff Pick last week AND was selected as Short Of The Week....GOOD WORK TOM! Click through to watch on Vimeo. 

Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video featured on Dragonframe

Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video for Iron and Wine's track "Joy" has become a great success, being featured on highly respectable websites, such as, Motionographer.

She has now been interviewed and featured on the blog for the industries stop-motion software, Dragon.

Below is the music video, full feature from Dragonframe, and the making of.  

The music video

The making of

Film Club in New York

The Film Club team are back home in London, still a bit jet lagged from our New York trip. It was great to have our New York office as a base too. We are all very excited about the fantastic reception at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere screening of ' Kiss The Water', the documentary feature film which includes 10 minutes of beautiful oil paint animation by Film Club director Em Cooper.

We had a great time in New York and hope to be visiting our New York th1ng group office more often.

Heres a few of our favourite pictures.

LEFT: Manhattan from Williamsburgh Bridge
RIGHT: Manhattan from Hotel room window at 4am 
LEFT: Empire State from roof top of  230 5th Avenue
LEFT: Em Cooper presents Kiss The Water, director Eric Steel and producer Kate Swan with stills from animation of the film.
RIGHT: Kiss The Water team after the Premiere. (From Left) Kate Swan- Producer, Sabine Krayenbeul- Editor,
Em Cooper - Animation Director (Film Club), Eric Steel - Director, Sue Loughlin - Animation Producer (Film Club) 

LEFT: After Kiss The Water screening
(From Left) Sue Loughlin - Film Club. Em Cooper - Film Club, Carolyn Hill  - From Carolyn Reps (Film Club New York sales rep)
RIGHT: After dinner outside 'Lucien' on 1st Avenue
(From Left) Sue Loughlin, Hayley Morris - Film Club director, Amanda Rosengurgh - From Carolyn Reps,
Andrea Torres - From th1ng New York

Audience goes wild for Kiss the Water at the World Premiere

“Kiss the Water: ‘a combination of being in a dream and eating dessert” – guess who said that? None other than Mr Jerry Seinfeld at the World Premiere of this great film at The Tribeca Film Festival on Monday. 

So pleased that so many people in the audience said that the Film Club animation by Em Cooper was fabulous, which makes my job of talent matching all the more rewarding. Eric Steel, the Kiss The Water director,is really pleased that he went with our suggestion for animation style. The audience just loved Kiss the Water not only Jerry. Uber designer Ralph Lauren was there too and everyone was talking about the animation afterwards. 

It was so cool to hear Jerry asking questions at the end. Three more screenings to go with the press and industry one tonight – these are the people we really want to impress, so we hope they love it too. 

Film Club flying the flag for British film in NYC!

World-class British Film is something we want you to shout about, so Friday’s reception held in New York by the British Film Commission and the New York branch of UK Trade and Industry was a fabulous way to showcase our country's involvement in the films at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. It was amazing to have so many luminaries from the British film world together in one spectacular room at the gorgeous Norwood Members Club - a 'home for the curious.'

Fitting -- as everyone was curious to find out about Film Club’s involvement in creating the animation in Eric Steel's documentary Kiss the Water. I got the chance to speak to Tara Halloran of the British Film Commission and Katie Ellen of BFI aided by the fantastic Sabine Krayenbuehl, the film's editor.

The evening was beautifully timed as we want as many people as possible to see the stunning hand painted animation that our director Em Cooper produced for the film. Rubbing shoulders with the great and the good gave me the opportunity to let everyone know about the first screening of Kiss the Water. We really want the film to be well received since it's a truly beautiful story. Here's hoping our Film Brit Pack are as excited about it as we are!

It is always good when your reputation precedes you: having worked with BAFTA and Childline on 'Losing the Plot' for the Create and Make competition they ran. I got some lovely comments from BAFTA New York: Harlene Freezer, the chairman and Christina Thomas, its CEO. All in all, it was a really great evening and hopefully a taste of things to come!

For any of you visiting the festival in New York, here are the screening times for Kiss the Water.

Wednesday, April 24 5:30pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 4

Thursday, April 25 12:00pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 7 (press & industry)

Saturday, April 27 7:30pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 9 

Sunday, April 28 7:00pm  -  AMC Village 7 Cinema 2

Tom Jobbins' music video on Vimeo Staff Picks

In March Film Clubs, Tom Jobbins released his beautiful stop-motion music video for Hiatus' new track 'We Can Be Ghosts Now'. Since the release the music video has received a high volume of interest across the web, with YouTube views clocking over 37,000.

This week the video was successfully shown as a 'Vimeo Staff Pick', and instantly received plenty of appreciative reviews in the comment section.

Congratulations Tom, well deserved.

Em Cooper animation to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Documentary feature directed by Eric Steel with 10 minutes of animation sequences by Film Clubs Em Cooper to premiere at the Tribecca film festival on Monday 22nd April at &.00pm at the Chelsea Clearview Cinema.

Kiss the Water: Tribeca Film Festival Screenings

Monday, 22 April (7:00pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 5

Wednesday, 24 April (5:30pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 4

Thursday, 25 April (12:00pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 7 (press & industry)

Saturday, 27 April (7:30pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 9

Sunday, 28 April (7:00pm) - AMC Village 7 Cinema 2

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Hayley Morris Iron & Wine - 'Joy' on Motionographer

Since the release of Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video for Iron & Wine it has been well receieved and is now featured on the creative industry blog, Motionographer.

Below is the making of from the beautiful stop-motion animation, which took in total, 2 months to create in Hayley's New York studio.

Hayley Morris music video for Iron & Wine on NPR's 'All Songs Considered'

New animated music video by Film Club's New York based director, Hayley Morris 'Joy' by Iron & Wine. The video is premiered on NPR's 'All Songs Considered'.

Hayley has created a beautiful colourful world within this fantastical stop motion animation.

Click here for the first watch on NPR.

'Losing The Plot' ranked No.1 on David's Reviews

Our short film for Childline and BAFTA Kids Vote directed by Yui Hamagashira is ranked no.1 on David's reviews top 20 for March. Get your votes in to keep it there as long as possible. Thanks so much to everyone that has voted for us. 

Tom Jobbins music video for DJ Hiatus featuring Shura

The music video 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' by Film Club director Tom Jobbins for DJ Haitus featuring Shura, which went live last night on Dummy, is a retelling of a tragic love story with the protagonists played by stop-motion triangles.

Tom was inspired to make a film using only simple shapes and colour because he didn't want to interfere with the songs underlying dark beauty. Abstracting the world gave him a lot more manoeuvre to be playful and create a short hand to bring out emotive feelings with the characters.

Click here to watch the full music video.

Babeldom Reviewed in The Guardian

Film Club director Paul Bush has received some very good reviews since his feature film Babeldom had its theatrical release. Read the review below by Peter Bradshaw in last Thursdays Guardian.

Click here to read when Babeldom was reviewed in the March issue of Site and Sound.

Tom Hiddleston introduces Film Club Childline & BAFTA film

The short animated film made by Film Club director Yui Hamagashira for Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote is introduced by Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston has had major film roles in Thor: God of Thunder, War Horse, Avengers Assemble, Deep Blue Sea and Midnight in Paris plus many more and numerous TV shows. He was voted sexiest star in movies right now by Total Film Magazine.

Click here to see his intro.

New short animated film for Yui Hamagashira

Film Club  director Yui Hamagashira has designed and directed the short animated film 'Losing The Plot' for Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote.

The story was the winning entry in the create and make story competition run by Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote. Owain aged 12 won the competition with his winning story. His prize was for Film Club to turn his story into an animated film.

BABELDOM - Theatrical Release

Babeldom, the feature film made by Film Club director Paul Bush is on theatrical release. Its first screenings will be at the ICA cinema on the Mall from 8th to 14th March. There will be a special screening on 10th March at the ICA with a selection of Pauls short animated films followed by a Q&A with Paul.

For screening times and to book tickets please go to the ICA Box Office on 0207 930 3647.

As part of its theatrical release the film will also be screened at the following venues:
  • Glasgow Film Theatre 3rd March plus Q& A session with Paul 
  • Bristol Watershed 8-14th March
  • Nottingham Broadway 8-14th March plus Q&A with Paul on 11th March
  • Sheffield Showroom 8-14th March
  • Birmingham Flatpack Festival 24th March plus Q&A with Paul
  • Cambridge Arts Picturehouse 25th March plus Q&A with Paul

Babeldom is reviewed in the March issue of Sight and Sound, read the review below.

Em Cooper gives talk at Freud museum tonight

Film Club director Em Cooper is giving a talk tonight at the Freud Museum in Hampstead. Her films; The Nest, Confusion of Tongues and Laid Down will be screened followed by a discussion between Em and Andrea Sabbadini. Em's 3 short films explore the complex and chaotic world of inner experience from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Em's films have been screened internationally, including at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Her work has also shown at Turner Contemporary, Margate and discussed at various psychoanalytic conferences including the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival in London and the International Ferenczi Conference in Budapest. Her film Confusion of Tongues was nominated for the 2012 British Animation Awards.

Em is currently working on animated scenes within a feature documentary for the this space!

Film Club's Yui Hamigashira gives BAFTA Create and Make Competition Winner a masterclass

BAFTA have teamed up with NSPCC and Yui Hamigashira at Film Club to give Owain, 12, the Create and Make competition winner, a masterclass on how his winning storyboard idea, based on friendship, will be brought to life.

His winning animation is being Directed by Yui, who was personally selected by Owain. Production is underway and we’ll be sharing it with you at the end of February. Watch this space!

Click here to watch Owain's day.

Film Club launches Sharon Pinsker with Chambord sponsorship ident

Sharon's elegant work can be seen on the new Chambord sponsorship ident which was created at Film Club for the new E4 series of Revenge which airs on Monday evenings.

We are delighted to welcome Sharon to the this space.

Click here to see her Chambord ident and more of her work on the Film Club website.

Sharon studied fashion illustration at Parsons in New York after gaining a BA Hons degree in fashion Design at St Martins School of Art. Her book ‘Figure’- How to draw & paint the figure with impact – is a worldwide bestseller and has been translated into Chinese, French and Spanish.
Sharon’s animation retains the beautiful, fluid elegance of her illustration style.

Her high profile clients have included, Pepsi, Adidas and Chanel.