Film Club shortlisted at the 2012 British Arrows Craft Awards

Film Club Commercial Tempo - Bike has been shortlisted in the animation section of the 2012 British Arrows Craft Awards.

The winners will be announced on 26th November.

Film Club Pentax films for Blueprint Magazine

2 Film Club directors David Anderson and Tom Jobbins have just completed short films commissioned by Blueprint Magazine. The films are running at the Designjunction as part of the London Design Festival and highlighted in the November issue of Blueprint Magazine

Blueprint provided a Marc Newson designed Pentax K-01 camera and a fairly open brief, 

Tom Jobbins chose London 2012, Tom decided to celebrate how well the Brits did in the cycling events at the London 2012 Olympics in this amazingly creative interpretation of the brief .

Click here to see his film  Pedal London 2012

David Anderson chose Hidden and illustrated a poem by poet John Agard for his intriguing and
beautiful film.

Click here to see his film Hosana of Small Mercies

Tempo "Bike" shortlisted at LIA 2012

Tempo - Bike by Film Club has been shortlisted at this years LIA, in the category; TV/Cinema/Online Film - Production | Post Production — Animation