Audience goes wild for Kiss the Water at the World Premiere

“Kiss the Water: ‘a combination of being in a dream and eating dessert” – guess who said that? None other than Mr Jerry Seinfeld at the World Premiere of this great film at The Tribeca Film Festival on Monday. 

So pleased that so many people in the audience said that the Film Club animation by Em Cooper was fabulous, which makes my job of talent matching all the more rewarding. Eric Steel, the Kiss The Water director,is really pleased that he went with our suggestion for animation style. The audience just loved Kiss the Water not only Jerry. Uber designer Ralph Lauren was there too and everyone was talking about the animation afterwards. 

It was so cool to hear Jerry asking questions at the end. Three more screenings to go with the press and industry one tonight – these are the people we really want to impress, so we hope they love it too. 

Film Club flying the flag for British film in NYC!

World-class British Film is something we want you to shout about, so Friday’s reception held in New York by the British Film Commission and the New York branch of UK Trade and Industry was a fabulous way to showcase our country's involvement in the films at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. It was amazing to have so many luminaries from the British film world together in one spectacular room at the gorgeous Norwood Members Club - a 'home for the curious.'

Fitting -- as everyone was curious to find out about Film Club’s involvement in creating the animation in Eric Steel's documentary Kiss the Water. I got the chance to speak to Tara Halloran of the British Film Commission and Katie Ellen of BFI aided by the fantastic Sabine Krayenbuehl, the film's editor.

The evening was beautifully timed as we want as many people as possible to see the stunning hand painted animation that our director Em Cooper produced for the film. Rubbing shoulders with the great and the good gave me the opportunity to let everyone know about the first screening of Kiss the Water. We really want the film to be well received since it's a truly beautiful story. Here's hoping our Film Brit Pack are as excited about it as we are!

It is always good when your reputation precedes you: having worked with BAFTA and Childline on 'Losing the Plot' for the Create and Make competition they ran. I got some lovely comments from BAFTA New York: Harlene Freezer, the chairman and Christina Thomas, its CEO. All in all, it was a really great evening and hopefully a taste of things to come!

For any of you visiting the festival in New York, here are the screening times for Kiss the Water.

Wednesday, April 24 5:30pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 4

Thursday, April 25 12:00pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 7 (press & industry)

Saturday, April 27 7:30pm  -  Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 9 

Sunday, April 28 7:00pm  -  AMC Village 7 Cinema 2

Tom Jobbins' music video on Vimeo Staff Picks

In March Film Clubs, Tom Jobbins released his beautiful stop-motion music video for Hiatus' new track 'We Can Be Ghosts Now'. Since the release the music video has received a high volume of interest across the web, with YouTube views clocking over 37,000.

This week the video was successfully shown as a 'Vimeo Staff Pick', and instantly received plenty of appreciative reviews in the comment section.

Congratulations Tom, well deserved.

Em Cooper animation to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Documentary feature directed by Eric Steel with 10 minutes of animation sequences by Film Clubs Em Cooper to premiere at the Tribecca film festival on Monday 22nd April at &.00pm at the Chelsea Clearview Cinema.

Kiss the Water: Tribeca Film Festival Screenings

Monday, 22 April (7:00pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 5

Wednesday, 24 April (5:30pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 4

Thursday, 25 April (12:00pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 7 (press & industry)

Saturday, 27 April (7:30pm) - Chelsea Clearview Cinemas 9

Sunday, 28 April (7:00pm) - AMC Village 7 Cinema 2

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Hayley Morris Iron & Wine - 'Joy' on Motionographer

Since the release of Hayley Morris' stop-motion music video for Iron & Wine it has been well receieved and is now featured on the creative industry blog, Motionographer.

Below is the making of from the beautiful stop-motion animation, which took in total, 2 months to create in Hayley's New York studio.

Hayley Morris music video for Iron & Wine on NPR's 'All Songs Considered'

New animated music video by Film Club's New York based director, Hayley Morris 'Joy' by Iron & Wine. The video is premiered on NPR's 'All Songs Considered'.

Hayley has created a beautiful colourful world within this fantastical stop motion animation.

Click here for the first watch on NPR.