'Losing The Plot' ranked No.1 on David's Reviews

Our short film for Childline and BAFTA Kids Vote directed by Yui Hamagashira is ranked no.1 on David's reviews top 20 for March. Get your votes in to keep it there as long as possible. Thanks so much to everyone that has voted for us. 

Tom Jobbins music video for DJ Hiatus featuring Shura

The music video 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' by Film Club director Tom Jobbins for DJ Haitus featuring Shura, which went live last night on Dummy, is a retelling of a tragic love story with the protagonists played by stop-motion triangles.

Tom was inspired to make a film using only simple shapes and colour because he didn't want to interfere with the songs underlying dark beauty. Abstracting the world gave him a lot more manoeuvre to be playful and create a short hand to bring out emotive feelings with the characters.

Click here to watch the full music video.

Babeldom Reviewed in The Guardian

Film Club director Paul Bush has received some very good reviews since his feature film Babeldom had its theatrical release. Read the review below by Peter Bradshaw in last Thursdays Guardian.

Click here to read when Babeldom was reviewed in the March issue of Site and Sound.

Tom Hiddleston introduces Film Club Childline & BAFTA film

The short animated film made by Film Club director Yui Hamagashira for Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote is introduced by Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston has had major film roles in Thor: God of Thunder, War Horse, Avengers Assemble, Deep Blue Sea and Midnight in Paris plus many more and numerous TV shows. He was voted sexiest star in movies right now by Total Film Magazine.

Click here to see his intro.

New short animated film for Yui Hamagashira

Film Club  director Yui Hamagashira has designed and directed the short animated film 'Losing The Plot' for Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote.

The story was the winning entry in the create and make story competition run by Childline and BAFTA Kids' Vote. Owain aged 12 won the competition with his winning story. His prize was for Film Club to turn his story into an animated film.