Mew Lab to give LIAF Q&A at Barbican

Film Club's animation directing duo Mew Lab will be appearing at the London International Animation Festival tomorrow (Saturday 1st November) to talk about their short film 'The Key' before an exclusive screening at the Barbican. The event is free to attend and will begin at 10.30.  

To claim your free ticket to the event, please visit the official Barbican website by following this link. Mew Lab will take to the mic at 10.30am. As well as this exclusive screening, their short film 'The Key' is also being screened in the official competition. 

In further news, 'The Key' has also been accepted on the British Council Film Short Support Scheme. This means the Key will appears in the annual online BritFilms Catalogue and, furthermore, it will be featured  in selected preview screenings, touring packages and special event in UK & around the world.

To see the Mew Lab Film Club reel, please follow this link

Great news Shaun and Kim! 

Ross Hogg Nominated for a Scottish BAFTA

Film Club’s very own Ross Hog has been nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for his brilliant short film, 'Spectators'.

Spectator’s observes the crowd of a football match, examining the “social interaction and human behavior, revealing the diversity of characters”. Produced in 2013, this four minute short film featured in several festivals throughout 2013 and 2014 both in United Kingdom as well as other countries around the globe. Through heavy festival appearances, the BAFTA organization has recognized and nominated it for the 2014 Awards Ceremony - which takes place on Sunday November 16th 2014. 

Ross' work often makes use of observational drawings from real events. He captures the energy and atmosphere in the moment and then later, in the studio, refers to his sketchbooks as his source for animation. This retains the same level of energy and expression of the moment and makes for a very honest approach to his film-making. 

To watch the trailer of Spectator’s, and for further works by Ross, please click here

Congratulations, Ross. We’ll be rattling a football spectators clacker for you on the 16th November.  

Chris Shepherd Awarded Filmmaker Grand Prix Award at Sapporo, Japan

Chris Shepherd, Film Club's multi-talented director, has been recognised by the Japanese Sapporo Short Film Festival for his work in the medium over the years. 

The Filmmaker Grand Prix trophy was handed to Chris having won over the jury with The Ringer (2012), Silence is Golden (2007) and Who I Am And What I Want (2005). 

Sapporo Film Festival credited Chris' diverse style that marries live action video with classic animation techniques. The festival - operating since 2006 - was born out of a growing audience demand for high quality short films, which has so far seen over 12,000 films screened to an audience of 40,000 coming from 120 countries. 

Follow Chris' travels through his blog here, or follow this link to watch excerpts of each film.

Well done, sir.

Mew Lab Latest Creative Animation Talent To Join Film Club Roster

Film Club are delighted to announce the signing of the NFTS animation alumni directing duo, Mew Lab.

Mew Lab - otherwise know as Kim Noce & Shaun Clark in the civilian world - arrive at Film Club having had a wealth of consistent festival success , including a BAFTA nomination, and having led several masterclass workshops for world-renowned institutes such as the BBC, Tate Modern, Barbican and The National Portrait Gallery. 

The duo have a distinctive, bold style which has seen their work slot into short films, animated documentaries, horror films and even children's films. They work predominately with 2-d hand drawn illustrations. To see their Film Club reel, please follow this link. 

199, Wardour Street cannot wait to see their work in the commercials world emblazoned with the Film Club logo attached. 

Welcome, Mew Lab!

Marcus Armitage's 'What is Literature For' Chosen as Vimeo Staff Pick

Film Club's newest family member Marcus Armitage has today had his work hand picked by the powers that be at Vimeo.

Marcus's film, 'What is Literature For', visually translates the ideas of Alain de Botton's School of Life book through textured, cut out animations and illustrations.

The film was animated by Marcus and Ignatz Johnson Higham and features the voice of de Botton himself. To see the film in it's Vimeo 'Staff Picks' natural habitat, click here.

As well as overseeing this film, Marcus was also creative director of the entire project, which saw three other films inspired by the School of Life book made by other directors. To view the other films, click here.