Film Club director Em Cooper Wins Silver award for best campaign!

Em's short film 'Is It Love' won a silver award for Best campaign at the CIPR awards in Bristol on 21st October.

The short animated film was commissioned by Exeter based PR agency KOR communications as part of a domestic abuse awareness campaign aimed at girls aged 13 - 17 in abusive relationships and explaining to the young audiences the kind of behaviour that is not acceptable.

Well Done Em!

The Nest premiere at Vancouver International Film Festival

Film Club director Em Cooper has just returned from the Vancouver International Film Festival
heres a photo of her taken before the premiere screening of her latest short animated film 'The Nest'

"I really enjoyed my trip to Vancouver International Film Festival for the N.American premiere of The Nest! The cinemas were packed, the screenings went well and I met some really interesting directors and saw some fantastic films. All in all a fantastic experience although I ended up slightly worse for wear from all the festival’s free parties!"

Belle Mellor illustrations for the Guardian

The Guardian Wednesday 12 october 2011
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The Guardian Tuesday 23 August 2011
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The Best Seat In The World

Film Club's in house editor Danny Mcguinness, has made a 25 minute documentary about Herne Hill Velodrome, heres the 90 second trailer.......lovely !