New Films

The Woman Who Owns the Sun

New Short Animated Film by Jo Lawrence
This visually stunning short animated film made using colourful animation mixing live action and cut out pixilation, creatively tells the story of Angeles Duran who spotted a loophole in the 1967 space treaty which claims that no nation could claim ownership of the solar system or its parts, it did not say anything about individuals so, she claimed ownership of the sun for herself.
She is apparently selling plots on eBay... for anyone interested in an unusual Christmas Present this year!
This film is screening at the Four Corners Gallery until January and at LIAF 2015 running from December 4th to the 13th. Full details at, and
To see a trailer of Jo's wonderful film, click here.
To see more of Jo's unique and creative animation click here.

The Five Minute Museum

Short Pixilation Film by Paul Bush Wins More Awards
To give even a casual glance to all four hundred exhibition halls of the Hermitage in St Petersburg would take nine years. But, through the wonders of film, they are now displayed at twenty four images per second thereby allowing the triumphs of human endeavour, the entire history of man-made objects to be viewed rather quicker, in 'The Five Minute Museum'.
To view a trailer for Paul's extraordinary film click here!
This pixilated animation film by Paul Bush continues on the rounds of festivals. See below for the count so far!