Film Club director Paul Bush and Dance animation

Film Club director Paul Bush is giving a talk on Dance animation at the Jerwood Space on 16th Feb . Paul will be part of a panel discussion held to coincide with the presentation of Moving Pictures, the online exhibition of dance animation. Presented by Animate Projects and Portland Green Cultural Projects, the panel discussion will be held at the Jerwood Space on 16th February 2012 at 6.30 pm

Pas De Deux De Deux Directed by Paul Bush
The White swan pas de deux from the classical ballet Swan Lake has been restaged frame by frame with the two original dancers replaced by four new dancers. The movement remains continuous, but in each frame a different person occupies the dancers' body space. the White Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake as originally danced by Marina Semenova and Yuri Kondratov in 1946 is re-enacted by Yalckun Abdurehim, Matthew Hawkins, Camille Litalien and Franziska Rosenzweig.

'Pas De Deux De Deux' will be screened as part of the online exhibition of Dance animation, 'Moving Pictures', presented by Animate Projects, and goes live on 27th January 2012.

Ed Miliband, welcome to the coalition – but don't stay too long

The Labour leader's sanity on cuts is what the economy needs. But long term, a healthy democracy needs real opposition.

Belle Mellor - Film Club director  -  illustration for the Guardian - January 17th 2012