Film Club directors Mew Lab win the Encounters Award for Best Short Animated Film at the London Short Film Festival

We are delighted that the latest short animated film THE EVENING HER MIND JUMPED OUT OF HER HEAD by F1lm Club directing duo Mew Lab has won the Encounters Award for Best Animated Short Film at this year's London Short Film Festival.  

The film was screened last night (Sunday, 17-1-16) at 6pm in the NEW SHORTS: ANIMATION SELECTION at ICA (Check that out here!)

Congratulations to everyone involved in the film! Great work and well done!

See the Mew Lab blog post about the news here.

To see more work by Mew lab click here.

Happy New Year 2016

F1lm Club director Paul Bush, master of pixilation animation, has made this by no means bog-standard wee-film to celebrate the leaving of 2015 and to welcome a non-crap 2016.

May we be flushed with joy for the whole year!

For a good lav, watch it on... Loo p.

New Films

The Woman Who Owns the Sun

New Short Animated Film by Jo Lawrence
This visually stunning short animated film made using colourful animation mixing live action and cut out pixilation, creatively tells the story of Angeles Duran who spotted a loophole in the 1967 space treaty which claims that no nation could claim ownership of the solar system or its parts, it did not say anything about individuals so, she claimed ownership of the sun for herself.
She is apparently selling plots on eBay... for anyone interested in an unusual Christmas Present this year!
This film is screening at the Four Corners Gallery until January and at LIAF 2015 running from December 4th to the 13th. Full details at, and
To see a trailer of Jo's wonderful film, click here.
To see more of Jo's unique and creative animation click here.

The Five Minute Museum

Short Pixilation Film by Paul Bush Wins More Awards
To give even a casual glance to all four hundred exhibition halls of the Hermitage in St Petersburg would take nine years. But, through the wonders of film, they are now displayed at twenty four images per second thereby allowing the triumphs of human endeavour, the entire history of man-made objects to be viewed rather quicker, in 'The Five Minute Museum'.
To view a trailer for Paul's extraordinary film click here!
This pixilated animation film by Paul Bush continues on the rounds of festivals. See below for the count so far!

Chris Shepherd's latest music video for HeCTA

Film Club director Chris Shepherd has just released this new promo for US electronica group HeCTA. The band features Lambchop’s Scott Martin, Ryan Norris and front man Kurt Wagner and this track is from their new album, The Diet.
The new promo, called The Concept, is a black and white animation that refers to the old Felix The Cat style of animation.
Catch the film here.





Anafelle at Tate Modern Saturday 25th July

Film clubs latest signing, Anafelle, has her new film 'Out of Flux' screening at the Tate Modern as part of the Turbine festival of cinema. 

The film will screen tomorrow, Saturday 25th July in the Starr Auditorium with a meet and greet session before hand at 4 pm 

If you are in town tomorrow why not swing by and check out Anafelle's awesome work! 

Below is a link to the programme of tomorrow screening.

Sharon Pinsker ‘Fantastique’ at Masterpiece London

Art Fair Masterpiece London, returns to the Royal Hospital Chelsea to present art, antiques, design and jewelry  from over 150 of the world's leading galleries, curators and collectors.  
Visitors have the opportunity to both admire and acquire museum quality works of art from across every collecting category, from antiquity through to contemporary. 

F1lm Clubs Sharon Pinsker has been commissioned by Sinai and Sons to make a film celebrating the collection,  "we understand the intrigue of the slightly strange, the unusual and the downright outlandish. 
For this year's Masterpiece Fair we bring together art and antiques that will surprise, delight and even shock you. Fantastique, celebrates beauty in unusual places, rejoices in feats of artistic imagination, and embraces the dark side."

Going to Cannes?

See th1ng from atop Le Grand Hotel


Award winning creative work from th1ng & Film Club will be screened as part of the ultimate digital OOH showcase on Le Grand Screen atop The Grand Hotel, Cannes. 
The showcase will run as a continuous loop throughout the Cannes Lions, day and night on the biggest rooftop screen in the world!!!  
Visible for 3.5 miles and located 12 storeys up on top of the roof of the Le Grand Hotel on the Croisette. #LeGrandScreen   #filmclubprod    #th1ngth2ng    #omg   #SeeYouThere

Sue is in Cannes from Thursday 18th June.

A full list of work screening at Cannes

12 Minutes of Love - Dir. Em Cooper
Stick Out - Dir. Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Ink Fish - Dir. Shay Hamias
My Dad - Dir. Marcus Armitage

While Darwin Sleeps - Dir. Paul Bush
Out of Flux - Dir. Annafelle

Pattern Power - Dir. Zoe Hitchen
Pipe Dreams - Dir. Daniela Sherer
Stromae 'Carmen' - Dir. Sylvain Chomet
Snowglobes - Dir. Hayley Morris
Shadow Jungle - Dir. Kirk Hendry

David Anderson (I.N.K) 1952-2015

Tributes and notices of respect for David Anderson are beginning to appear in the animation world press, with Edinburgh International Film Festival, Animation World Network and Sqwigly paying their tributes to his great work. 

In recent months, David had adopted the I.N.K pseudonym (Institute of Not Knowing): a name that approaches the Universe with an innocent state of curiosity. We will greatly miss David, and his brilliant work - but to watch David's work again (or for the first time), head over to his website or his Film Club reel to explore further the timeless qualities in all of his films that make them truly unique.

David Alexander Anderson July 1952 - May 2015

It has been an honour to represent such a talented artist. We raise a glass to YOU David, an inspiration to many people, a talented artist, and film maker and a lovely person. We will miss you, Journey on, my friend....... 

'From the Ashes' Directed by David Anderson - Song by Kate Pollak                         Click images to play links.

             Motion Control                                   Tongue Of The Hidden                        Deadsy

             3i Capital City                                                Door                                                           Dreamland Express

              Shadows                                                      Hosanna Of Small Mercies                          Anti Drink Drive

Sharon Liu's 'Geronimo' is Screening at Pictoplasma Festival 2015

Sharon Liu's beautiful short film 'Geronimo' is screening at the 2015 Pictoplasma festival and animation conference in Berlin, the world's largest festival of contemporary character culture.

Artworked frame by frame in vivid watercolour and following the life of a water droplet, 'Geronimo' is part of the 'Characters In Flow' programme at Pictoplasma.

You can catch 'Geronimo' at the Kino Babylon on 1st May at 20:00.  Alternatively if you can't make it to Berlin, check out 'Geronimo' here.

Montreal Retrospective for Paul Bush

Film Club's master of pixilation Paul Bush is having his work celebrated in a retrospective exhibition in Montreal. The Cinematheque Quebecoise is dedicating a week to showcase his work and pay tribute to his art described by the organisation as ‘Elegant, playful, and full of philosophy’.  
From 1st April to 10th April the Cinematheque is screening a compilation of his work, with dedicated nights to his documentaries, animation pieces, his feature film, as well as a night of retrospective of his work introduced by Paul himself. Paul is seen by the cinematique as a playful philosopher with new perspectives, who surprises the eyes and surprises the mind, continually pushing aesthetic and conceptual boundaries. 
If you happen to find yourself in North America with a Paul Bush-shaped hole, we definitely recommend you check his work out, otherwise here's a link to watch his work the old fashioned-digital way. To read more about the programme, please click here

Paul Bush Exhibits New Film Installation at Holland Animation Festival

Film Club's Master-of-Pixillation Paul Bush will have his latest film installation project exhibited at this years Holland Animation Film Festival, held in Utrecht on 22nd March.

'The Insect Cinema'  is a collaborative film project between Paul and Aline Höchli that involves a small rectangular space where flies and moths can watch a movie - 'While Darwin Sleeps', dir. Paul Bush. People cannot go in, but on a large screen on the floor they can follow what is going on in The Insect Cinema.

To see the film's online listing, and for further information about the festival as a whole, have a wander across here. To see more of Paul's work, follow this link for his rather lovely and inventive Film Club reel. 

BAFTA Guru Interview Nominated Film Club Director Marcus Armitage

Film Club's Marcus Armitage walked alongside Beckham, Redmayne, Moore, Leigh & co on the red carpet on Sunday as his RCA graduate short animation 'My Dad' made the nominations list for Best British Short Animation at the 2015 BAFTA Awards.

In light of the event, BAFTA Guru interviewed Marcus for further background details of his film that has become such a UK festival favorite and about Marcus' story of success so far.

To read the full interview - and to watch a short trailer of the film itself - follow this click-through link (or find Marcus directly beneath Eddie Redmayne and to the right of Benedict Cumberbatch from the home page here!).

BAFTA 2015 Nomination for Film Club's Marcus Armitage

Film Club's Marcus Armitage has this morning been nominated for a BAFTA in the Best British Short Animation category for his well traveled short film 'My Dad'. 

Having been awarded Best British Film at the London International Animation Festival last year, the film - which Marcus presented as his RCA graduate film only last summer - has continued to impress on the International festival circuit.

The film was made using oil pastels on paper and depicts a Dad's influence on an impressionable young boy's life. The relationship gives rise to a toxic mix, resulting in a world that strips away opportunity and experience for the young boy. Marcus defines the film as existing 'somewhere between a documentary and fiction. A film created from personal experiences, of my own eye opening journey of moving to London, and the prejudices I see around me in people I know or things that I read see or hear'. 

We'd love to show you all the film in its entirety, but until the film eventually comes off the festival circuit, a short excerpt is all we're allowed. To see this, please follow this link

For a full list of 2015 BAFTA nominees, please follow this link

We're absolutely over the moon for you, Marcus, and we wish you all the very best of luck for the awards show on February 8th. 

Win Signed Sharon Pinsker Original Artwork with The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph are running a national competition to win artist and Film Club director Sharon Pinsker's signed Bolshio Ballet-inspired prints. 

These are a limited edition set signed by Sharon, commissioned for the cover of newly released DVD, The Russian Ballet Collection: Volume I, in partnership with RTR Worldwide. 

These bespoke prints illustrate five classic Russian Ballets in  Sharon's unique figurative style.  Regarded as one of the UK’s foremost figurative artists, Sharon Pinsker is the author of Figure-How to Draw and Paint the Figure with Impact (2008). Sharon's unique style has evolved over many years of working both on illustrated print campaigns and in film and animated commercials. The combination of her elegant calligraphic brushwork and fluid drawing technique has been used to create beautiful images for everything from celebrity portraits to fashion and perfume camapigns, music videos and book covers.

To read the article online, please follow this link - otherwise please click here to see Sharon's Film Club reel.