David Alexander Anderson July 1952 - May 2015

It has been an honour to represent such a talented artist. We raise a glass to YOU David, an inspiration to many people, a talented artist, and film maker and a lovely person. We will miss you, Journey on, my friend....... 

'From the Ashes' Directed by David Anderson - Song by Kate Pollak                         Click images to play links.

             Motion Control                                   Tongue Of The Hidden                        Deadsy

             3i Capital City                                                Door                                                           Dreamland Express

              Shadows                                                      Hosanna Of Small Mercies                          Anti Drink Drive

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  1. His new film Aloha has come under fire for “whitewashing” its view of Hawaii with a cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Alec Baldwin.
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    The Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) has released a statement expressing anger at the film-makers for failing to recognise the fact that Asian-Pacific Islanders make up the majority of the state’s population. Here are Film news and tollywood.