Montreal Retrospective for Paul Bush

Film Club's master of pixilation Paul Bush is having his work celebrated in a retrospective exhibition in Montreal. The Cinematheque Quebecoise is dedicating a week to showcase his work and pay tribute to his art described by the organisation as ‘Elegant, playful, and full of philosophy’.  
From 1st April to 10th April the Cinematheque is screening a compilation of his work, with dedicated nights to his documentaries, animation pieces, his feature film, as well as a night of retrospective of his work introduced by Paul himself. Paul is seen by the cinematique as a playful philosopher with new perspectives, who surprises the eyes and surprises the mind, continually pushing aesthetic and conceptual boundaries. 
If you happen to find yourself in North America with a Paul Bush-shaped hole, we definitely recommend you check his work out, otherwise here's a link to watch his work the old fashioned-digital way. To read more about the programme, please click here

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